Managed WordPress Hosting

Super fast and reliable hosting platform for your church or ministry

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Managed WordPress for Churches and Ministries

We keep things buzzing right along making sure you have the latest security updates on your WordPress site, but thats not all we do.

Fast & Reliable

Harvest Press is not a shared hosting environment. With Harvest Press you get the best performance every time. Which means faster page loads and better reliability.

Scalable Storage

We include a hefty amount of storage, pressed down, shaken together and running over… but just in case you need more you can scale up anytime you need more space. 

Malware Protection

We are always monitoring our network looking for malware and viruses keeping your site safe and secure. You can sleep easy knowing that we totally got you covered.

Nightly Backups

Sometime things get messed up, but thats why we have back-ups. You’ll be singing hallelujah the first time our back-up saves your bacon!

Real Humans

Maybe its just us but we really don’t like talking to robots… When you need help we are right there with real live people.

Free Migrations

Migration isn’t always easy, just ask Moses. Let our migration experts quickly “exodus” your website and do all the heavy lifting.

Simple Pricing, No Surprises



Per month

1 WordPress Install

  • ~10,000 Visits /mo

  • 10 GB Storage

  • 30 GB of Transfer

  • Free SSL

  • NativeCache

  • CDN

Most popular



Per month

5 WordPress Install

  • ~100,000 Visit /mo

  • 30 GB Storage

  • 100 GB of Transfer

  • Free SSL

  • NativeCache

  • CDN



Per month

WordPress Multisite

  • ~200,000 Visits /mo

  • 40 GB Storage

  • 250 GB of Transfer

  • Free SSL

  • NativeCache

  • CDN

Are you a church plant?

Get 3 months FREE hosting through our scholarship program.


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Still not convinced?

We totally get it. Here is our founder’s phone number. Give him a call, seriously.