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Usually the word Beta is used to describe a product or project which is not fit for production use, however the creators can’t wait to get it in use. Well that is exactly what we are doing here with Harvest Press. I want you to consider running a production or production-like website on our super unstable platform. In exchange for a screaming fast website, when things don’t go wrong. You need to understand, this platform is unstable

Harvest Press is built on a really revolutionary concept that could be a complete game changer for WordPress hosting. Our technology is a native PHP extension which replaces important (and slow) parts of WordPress with native compiled C code. Basically, if this works, it will be the fastest and most cost effective WordPress hosting solution in the world.

In addition to the PHP extension, Harvest Press is also a hosting infrastructure. Using some additional server setup and configurations specifically tuned for hosting WP as fast and scalable as we know how.

If you are interested in being part of the Closed Beta (Unstable) Program; please, fill out the form below. You will be emailed with progress on the beta program, and will be sent an invite to start a Beta hosting account as soon as it is ready.